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Artefice Store opened its doors on Corso Umberto in Modica (RG) in August 2008, thanks to the creative vision of Sicilian artist Gloria Di Modica. Her ambition was to bring the seamless blend of art and craftsmanship to Modica, offering one-of-a-kind works of art known for their style and quality.


From home decor to everyday essentials, Artefice Atelier's offerings also include creations that capture the essence of our beloved Sicilian landscape, underscoring the deep, almost visceral connection we hold with this region.

Artefice Atelier proudly serves a network of stores across Sicily and beyond, boasting a presence in numerous locations both in Italy and internationally.

At our Ragusa location, you can explore our entire collection and discover the latest additions. You have the option to make purchases directly or request reservations for specific items.

Additionally, we offer pottery workshops, which can be booked through the following link: Pottery Class


Via Delle Madonie, 25

97100 Ragusa