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Pottery CLASS

Unleash your creative power

Thinking of an experience on wheel-throwing pottery making just like the scene in the Ghost movie, but not sure where to start?


This workshop will feed your inquisitiveness, it does not matter whether you have experience or not. Within this 2 hours session, you will go through the artisan process, alchemical and fantastic, of pottery making.


A stimulating and engaging artisan environment of excellence, a place of ideas and creativity, where the real protagonist will be you, experimenting and acquiring knowledge, an activity that will make you live an exciting moment for the creative process of sculpture.


For art lovers, this will be a unique opportunity, in close contact with the master and artist of the Atelier, where this time you will be the one to create, you will see a work materialize under your hands starting from a piece of clay.

In these two hours you can decide whether to model clay, paint ceramics or both.



Let yourself de guided in a unique and emotional experience that you will never forget.

Unleash your creativity supported by the master artist.

Create unforgettable memories on this workshop.

Experience the atmosphere of the art studio where objects of extraordinary beauty are created.

Immerse yourself in the world of art to discover your innate hidden creative abilities.


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Pottery Workshop


Ancora 1


Perfect experience

This was truly a very nice experience with very kind people. Gloria and her husband took the time to explain the whole process of making ceramic. They let us the time to try to make something nice. They helped out where needed so we would create very nice masks.Even our teenagers were very enthusiastic about the workshop. If you want to do something out of the box and creative this is the one. I would recommend it 100%

Gerse Ver Eecke

Creative, authentic fun

GLORIA'S CLASS WAS AMAZING and we had such a good time, she and her partner were soo welcoming. When we arrived and we all shared a glass of bubbles. She then gave us a studio tour and we spoke about what we would be making. We knew no Italian which was not a problem as Gloria organised a translator, Simone who was also fantastic. The atmosphere was perfect, with great music, some wine and food, lots of good material and a chilled casual environment to get the creative juices flowing. While not being an artist myself, Gloria's teaching method meant we all ended up with something we loved. After the class, they offered us a lift back into town even though it was just a short walk. I would do it again.

Ben Ient

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