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Coppia Bummulo malandrino rosso e blu

The object that never ceases to amaze at the dining table with its astonishing effect on every use.

Utterly unique and quintessentially Sicilian, it starts with its very name, bearing the monikers 'Bummulo' (terracotta pitcher) and 'Malandrino' (rascal).

It's essentially a sealed pitcher, into which beverages are poured through the opening located beneath the 'Bummulo' (thus, to fill it, one must invert it, and naturally, there's no lid or closing mechanism).

The distinctiveness of this practical item lies precisely in this feature: upon returning it to the upright position, the 'Bummulo' won't allow even a single drop of the poured liquids to escape, thanks to a unique system that permits entry but prevents exit.

Moreover, the 'Bummulu' can maintain the temperature of the liquids it holds. Hence, the beverages poured inside will exit solely from the top spout, cooler than ever!

 Each 'Bummulo' is meticulously handcrafted by our artisans.

At the table, it surprises everyone with its masterful element of surprise

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Let yourself be amazed!