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Complementi arredo in ceramica d autore, progettati per soggiorno moderno, living room e ufficio e altri luoghi della casa moderna


l'opera de


Deeply rooted in Sicilian tradition, the art of 'I pupi' stands as the most enchanting and ancient form, handed down by storytellers. It's an art belonging to the realm of popular epic puppet theater, helping us grasp the grand theater of the world.

With its rich history and evocative folklore, it has consistently left its mark on our tradition, enriching various artistic expressions.

A precious and meticulously crafted collection where painting and poetry converge, translating a spectacle that has engaged and delighted generations of all ages and cultures.

An intellectual connection between the potter and the artist.
Original in its forms and graphic style,
all meticulously crafted by hand.

A bottle with soft, tapered lines, white with a very colourful stripe. a sculptural work of refined and elegant design to be introduced into the most exclusive living rooms
Modern and warm wooden living room with a white designer lamp with a colour stripe depicting a child
modern design lamp elegant, refined, of rare beauty, with a decoration that [ a pictorial work of fine workmanship

artistic ceramics
each piece is unique and cannot be replicated

Colorful and Refined Centerpiece with Puppet to Enhance Your Dining and Living Spaces

'I Pupi' emerged in Sicily in the early 19th century. Puppeteers narrated stories such as 'La Chanson de Roland,' featuring the battle between Charlemagne and the Saracens, Ariosto's 'Orlando Furioso,' and Tasso's 'Gerusalemme Liberata.'