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A journey through the landscapes and colors of Sicily, and as if in a memory of a faded image, the emotions experienced emerge through the brush on majolica surfaces.


Each object is handmade and hand-painted, produced in small limited series, although every single piece is a unique artifact.

Craftsmanship Mastery

Resulting from a pursuit of style, marked by elegance and refined taste. Tradition and modernity, design and innovation, exemplifying the pinnacle of Made in Italy excellence.

40 cm high artistic ceramic vase with brightly coloured Sicilian cart decoration
Artistic ceramic vase depicting a Sicilian cart, featuring vibrant and glossy colors, a harmonious explosion of well-matched hues.
Ornamental ceramic vase with Sicilian cart motif, red, yellow and blue colours on a white background, shiny polished finish

A sophisticated intertwining of tradition and design

From folk art to a prized artisanal product, characterized by pronounced painting qualities.

Ceramic lamp with geometric decorations of the Sicilian cart in a thousand colours and red lampshade, size 70 cm
Ornamental ceramic vase with Sicilian cart motif, red, yellow and blue colours on a white background, shiny polished finish

Competing for excellence

All the artisan's skills, coupled with the use of top-quality raw materials, with a strong emphasis on painting qualities.

Artistic ceramic lamp, brightly coloured Sicilian cart motif and green lampshade, for refined and tasteful settings

The artist's sensitivity, manifested through the tangible object, resonates with the user's senses, forging a connection of friendship, interest, and aesthetic gratification that nurtures human life and shields it against indifference, in favor of intelligence and beauty.

Gloria Di Modica

Testa di ceramica moro_di_sicilia è una scultura testa di ceramica di caltagirone, molto colorata e un design esclusivo




Vaso bottiglia bianco_nero skyline_New_York ispirazione JAZZ


vaso bottiglia lampada monocromatica rossa, gialla, verde, blu, bianca e nera


Vaso bottiflia pupi siciliani decorati con motivo folkloristico dell opera dei pupi


Scultura vaso bottiglia arte raffigurante artisti come van gogh, dalì, picasso, velasquez da arredare i living e zona giorno delle case moderne


bummulo ovvero decander per il vino, caraffa per la tavola di oggi, stoneware per tutte le tavole e cucine moderne


piatti moderni eleganti e raffinati con poesia, skyline new_york, e motivi per la tavola e ambienti moderni delle nuove cucine


scultura ficodindia opera d' arte unica con busto di donna, o di mitologia